Cierra Lan-Keleka Bruening Polk

20960_348309391279_845392_nI am Cierra. Child of 4.

A modern-day renaissance woman. Woman& child of God.

More later..

This is my brilliant family:

472400_10151210232117361_365065393_o999540_10151670596121280_1578295565_n278257_10151522856712361_99320757_o1047954_10151522857042361_1666371887_o    16554_10151199917872361_1669396773_n 7897_1420523148174708_2068075248_n1072536_10151531056982361_487555682_o575386_629496603746898_1629512291_n 423689_286008291468159_934171328_n 521341_2825615140130_2021164034_n 1451984_1453809541512735_1417258354_n 942069_4293093866181_699596241_n 165148_185403148156248_2962129_n 166177_183904758288925_6505295_n


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